• Bienvenue au BAR A DIY®, le choix au meilleur prix

    Welcome to BAR A DIY®,
    the choice at the best price

  • C'est vous qui décidez !

    Your choice !
    Quantity, price
    Take power !

  • Retrouvez votre recette préférée...

    Find your favorite recipe among
    more than 1000 flavours

  • Vous avez le pouvoir ! Choisissez votre dosage...

    You have the power !
    Choose your nicotine amount
    from 0 to 14mg/ml

  • N'attendez plus pour vaper votre e-liquide ...

    Don't wait anymore to
    vape your liquid !
    steep option :
    1 day = 1 week

Secrets of the BAR A DIY®

Secrets of the BAR A DIY®

Your e-liquid in 3 steps

Choose your e-liquid among more than 1000 recipes by using our simple and friendly search system

50ml, 125ml, 250ml, 500ml or 1000ml.

From 1 to 14mg/mL, you will be able to decrease this amount with any deficiency or frustration*.
* Nicotine boosters are provided separately. You have to manually add them according our instructions.

With BAR A DIY®, no more frustration of waiting 8 weeks to vape your gourmet e-liquid. Our revolutionary process allows us to speed the steep up to 7 times. 1 day = 1 week.

Discover the e-liquids

We do it for you


The employees of the DIY advise you and have selected for you the best aromas of the moment.

Fruity, gourmet, fresh or even exclusive, indulge with their e-liquid selection.


The DIY ( Do It Yourself), that's cheap !

Save up to 80% on original recipes.


Thanks to BAR A DIY®, no more complicated calculations or mistakes in the doses of your e-liquid.

Thanks to our unique process, your e-liquids are ready-to-vape.


Advantages of the BAR A DIY®

Your e-liquid is ready-to-vape thanks to our STEEP option which is made in high pressure stoves.

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